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Paweł Gołda
Krzysztof Cur
Tadeusz Zaworski
Adam Rurak


This article provides a comprehensive analysis of the potential for the application of alternative energy storage sources, such as batteries, hydrogen, and biofuels, in air transport. In the context of growing concern for environmental aspects and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the focus is on identifying the benefits and limitations of these technologies as alternatives to traditional aviation fuels.

The article discusses in detail various aspects related to the use of batteries, analyzing their potential in the context of aircraft. Furthermore, the prospects associated with the use of hydrogen as an energy carrier are assessed, considering technical, economic and safety aspects. In addition, an analysis of the potential of biofuels as an alternative is presented, taking into account issues of sustainable access to raw materials.

The analysis also covers economic and technical aspects, considering efficiency, safety, and impact on aircraft weight. The article highlights the key role of the search for new sustainable energy sources in air transport and presents the prospects and challenges for the introduction of batteries, hydrogen and biofuels in this sector. The analyses presented in the article are an important contribution to the discussion on the green development of air transport.


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Gołda, P., Cur, K., Zaworski, T., & Rurak, A. (2023). INNOVATIVE DIRECTIONS IN AIR TRANSPORT: ANALYSIS OF NEW ENERGY SOURCES. Aviation and Security Issues, 4(2).


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