The semi-annual „Aviation and Security Issues" (eISSN 2956-3380, ISSN 2720-197X) continue the traditions and achievements of the „Scientific Notebooks of the Polish Air Force University" (PAFU) published in the years 2013-2019. The new magazine combines the honorable achievements of aviation generations of the legendary "School of Eaglets" with an innovative approach to aviation and safety issues.

The journal „Aviation and Security Issues" is an international, double-blind, open-access journal, and the content in it is available free of charge. The journal is dedicated to deepening knowledge and understanding of theory, research, and practice in the field of humanities and social sciences in the area related to aviation and safety. The journal accepts high-quality theoretical and research articles, reviews, preliminary research reports, and conferences. Materials published in the journal are published in Polish and English.



The aim of the journal is to create a single, unique platform for the exchange of opinions and views and the presentation of research results on aviation and safety, thus helping scientists, teachers, and students to better understand the issues related to aviation and safety.

The journal accepts aviation-related manuscripts in the following scientific disciplines:
civil engineering, geodesy and transport;
mechanical engineering;
security studies.

In particular, manuscripts related to:

  1. Air transport.
  2. History of aviation.
  3. The human factor in aviation.
  4. Use of aviation in military operations.
  5. Air nad Aviation safety.
  6. Avionics.
  7. Aerodynamics and fluid mechanics.
  8. Air Defence.
  9. Flight training.
  10. Security and defence of aviation and aviation infrastructure.
  11. Crisis management.
  12. Social and economic factors influencing the functioning of aviation.
  13. Air safety risks.
  14. National and international security.
  15. Use of unmanned aerial vehicles.
  16. Safety environment affecting the operation of aviation.
  17. Other aviation and safety-related.






Indicators: MEiN – 100p.