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Paweł Gołda
Krzysztof Cur
Mariusz Izdebski
Szymon Świergolik
Adam Radomyski


The main contribution of the article is the statistical analysis of the aviation infrastructure in selected European countries. Research explores various factors that contribute to aviation infrastructure and evaluates their impact on risk management. The paper presents a detailed description of the aviation infrastructure and its division, including graphs and data analysis. The study found disparities in the level of development of aviation infrastructure between selected countries, with Germany having significantly more hub airports compared to other countries. The results of the study provide information on the state of the aviation infrastructure and inform risk management strategies to improve the safety and quality of air transportation.


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Gołda, P., Cur, K., Izdebski, M., Świergolik, S., & Radomyski, A. (2024). DEVELOPMENT OF AVIATION INFRASTRUCTURE IN SELECTED EUROPEAN COUNTRIES: STATISTICAL ANALYSIS AND IMPLICATIONS. Aviation and Security Issues, 4(2).


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