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Dariusz Zmysłowski
Michał Kryk
Jan Kelner


Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSSs) providing positioning, navigation and synchronization, has become an important element of modern systems and devices that have a crucial impact on many economy branches and the life of an common person. Literature analysis and reports from recent armed conflicts show that the use of techniques for jamming and spoofing GNSS signals is becoming increasingly. This reduces the level of safety in transport and increases the risk of improper operation of GNSS-based systems, like cellular telephony or bank sector. This paper focuses on the methodology for testing the GNSS receiver robustness for jamming. For this purpose, a broadband jamming device was developed.


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Zmysłowski, D., Kryk, M., & Kelner, J. (2023). TESTING GNSS RECEIVER ROBUSTNESS FOR JAMMING. Aviation and Security Issues, 4(2). https://doi.org/10.55676/asi.v4i2.64


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