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Andrzej Felski
Tomasz Kowalik


Implementation of the Global Navigation Satellite Systems into almost all aspects of life causes specific, new troubles in the form of jamming and spoofing. The origin of the problem comes from the fact that the power of received signals are weak, and format and modulation of the signals are publicly known. If so, it seems to be easy to transmit falsified data to the receiver. However, in the opinion of some specialists the idea to generate false signals with GNSS structure seems to be very complicated. In this paper will show that in fact, this can be conducted with the use of cheap and widely accessible tools, without demanding any extraordinary skills or great funds. If so, this threat gathers a new meaning. The described experiment was performed within the framework of the student’s thesis on major navigation with cheap software defined radio and open sources software, accessible via the Internet.


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Felski, A., & Kowalik, T. (2023). SOFTWARE DEFINED RADIO AND OPEN SOFTWARE AS A CRITICAL THREAT FOR UNMANNED OBJECTS. Aviation and Security Issues, 3(1), 255–264.


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